Rep. Tanzi, Casino Workers Deliver Letter to State Treasurer Urging Support for Smokefree Shareholder Proposal at Bally’s

Rhode Island Casino Workers and Advocates Rally for Smokefree Legislation at State Capitol suit CEASE: [...]

Facts Be Damned: Casino Industry Leaders Peddle False Claims to Ensure They Can Keep Feeding Toxic Air to Employees

CEASE: “Casino executives keep making the same discredited claims and are promoting a false compromise…” [...]

Boyd, Bally’s & Caesars Shareholders to Vote on Smokefree Proposal at Upcoming Annual Meetings

Shareholder Proposal Requests That Casino Corporations Commission and Disclose a Report on the Potential Cost [...]

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Bally’s Lobbyists Repeats False Claim to Defend Indoor Smoking in TV Interview

Bally’s is Trying to Hide Behind Ventilation System to Defend the Indefensible – Knowingly Putting [...]

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