Casinos are one of the fastest growing job sectors in U.S. The good news: gaming jobs now come with healthy indoor air in hundreds of properties thanks to strong smokefree workplace laws and policies. The bad news: tobacco companies are still working to prevent casino employees from having the same right as everyone else to breathe smokefree air at work.

Check out some of these video testimonials from gaming employees, including folks describing the dramatic improvement in their health that comes with smokefree indoor air. If you have a story to share about working in a smokefree casino or how you are affected by secondhand smoke, please share with us.

Bingo, smoking don’t go together in Duncanville, Texas

The Dallas Morning News reports that the Duncanville City Council voted against a proposed exemption from the smokefree ordinance for bingo parlors. Council member Dennis Schwartz stated, “The real problem…

Photo of entrance to Oaklawn

Air Quality at Arkansas Racetracks, Unsafe Environments?

An air quality study at Oaklawn Park Racing and Gaming and Southland Park Gaming and Racing measuring fine particulates.

Alecia’s Story

Hear Alecia’s story in her own words about what it was like to work in Nevada’s smoke-filled casino industry, an industry that eventually took her life in 2015.

Support for Smokefree Casinos in Iowa

A letter to the editor in the Des Moines Register stated that, “Seven years after Iowa’s smoke-free-air law went into effect exempting gaming floors, the state continues to gamble with…

Congratulations Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack, and Resort – Now Smokefree Indoors

Hancock County, WV smokefree workplace law will save lives and increase parity for Ohio and WV casino operators Congratulations to Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack, and Resort in New Cumberland, West Virginia!…

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Editorial on smokfree casinos

Smokefree workplace laws not only save lives, but also boost parity for casino operators across regional gaming markets on this important health issue. We encourage the gaming industry to support…

Lysa’s Story

Lysa Buonanno is battling Stage 4 Lung Cancer despite having never smoked a cigarette in her entire life. Her hope is that her story will save lives.

Photo of Nathan

Nathan’s Story

As sovereign nations, tribal governments are not required to follow state law, but given the significant negative health effects of smoking, and the disproportionate morbidity and mortality among Native Americans…

Treva's Story

Treva’s Story

Treva shares her story of what it is like to work in casinos. Treva is now a casino dealer in a smokefree  casino and she loves it!

Sheryl's story

Sheryl’s Story

Hear Sheryl’s powerful story of working decades in smoke-filled casinos, resulting in her battle with throat cancer. You will note that Sheryl’s voice was weak in this recording (2011). Soon…