The majority of casino customers (4 out of 5) do not smoke and nationally, 8 out of 10 adults do not smoke. Tobacco odors and eye-burning chemicals reduce or eliminate customer traffic by people who are sensitive to these substances. Many people who are elderly or who have asthma cannot even step into a smoke-filled casino, much less spend money there. Here are a few tips on how casino players and patrons can have a stronger voice for a smokefree policy:

  • Share your feedback for smokefree indoor air with your casino players club, with the local visitor and convention bureau, by sending a letter to the editor to the local paper, or by sharing feedback with casinos on their social media sites.
  • Even easier ways to share your smokefree support include wearing a sticker or button. The bottom line is to not be part of a silent majority. If smokefree supporters are a silent majority, then the casino management will only hear from the tobacco industry and a handful of people who want to keep smoking in the casino.
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