Focus on Casinos’ Human Resources:
It’s a Great Job, but Not Worth Dying For


A casino’s smokefree air worksite policy demonstrates concern for the health and well-being of casino staff. It is no surprise that casino workers are among the biggest supporters for smokefree gaming. Problems from constant exposure to secondhand smoke create higher rates of absenteeism and turnover, higher health and life insurance costs, workers’compensation payments, disability and premature death (not to mention employee morale.) With just 1 less day of absenteeism per casino employee per year, casinos stand to save a lot of money annually in lost productivity.



Real Life Stories


Casino Staff Share their Experiences

The dangers of secondhand smoke exposure are real for casino employees. The health risks of working (eight hours or more) everyday in a smoky environment can be dramatic. For more videos, please visit the video library.


Treva's Story

Treva’s Story

Treva shares her story of what it is like to work in casinos. Treva is now a casino dealer in a smokefree  casino and she loves it! Watch now.



Sheryl's story

Sheryl’s Story

Hear Sheryl’s powerful story of working decades in smoke-filled casinos, resulting in her battle with throat cancer. You will note that Sheryl’s voice was weak in this recording (2011). Watch now.




Vinny's Story

Vinny’s Story

After decades working at a smoke-filled casino, Vinny Rennich found out he had lung cancer. He had never smoked. Watch now.

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