Smokefree Air and the Future of the Gaming Industry

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2016

CONTACT: Cynthia Hallett, MPH
American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation

[Las Vegas, NV] September 27, 2016: In the gaming industry, it’s said that change is the only constant. Casinos continually innovate and reinvent, leveraging some of the best creative designers in the world to meet changing tastes – from reconceiving casinos for millennials to the resiliency coming back from the 2008 economic crisis. Another major shift underway: Smokefree air. Today, 20 states require that all state regulated gaming venues be smokefree indoors – just like any other hospitality sector workplace. The smoking rate is at a record low and continues to plummet. In fact, 85% of the US population is nonsmokers. Most young people have grown up in – and expect – smokefree environments. A recent survey from MMGY Global reported that a smokefree environment influenced 78% of millennial gaming enthusiasts (and 61% of all gaming enthusiasts) to play slots machines and video poker.

Many people who smoke don’t want to breathe other people’s smoke. For nonsmokers, the presence of secondhand smoke can reduce play time and number of visits.

The social norm about smoking has changed dramatically as more cities and states have passed smokefree rules and as more adults kick the smoking habit,” said Cynthia Hallett, President and CEO of the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation. “It’s time for the gaming industry to innovate for the new gaming consumer. Planning and preparing for smokefree casinos will benefit casino operators to avoid missing today’s expectation for smokefree air.” To learn more, visit G2E booth 4014.

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