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Global Gaming and Smokefree Air: Good for Business

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 CONTACT: Cynthia Hallett, MPH American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation [Las Vegas, NV] September 26, 2016: Thousands of people who work in casinos…

Going Smokefree Matters Casinos Infographic From the CDC

Going Smokefree Matters: Casinos

The CDC has created an infographic Going Smokefree Matters – Casinos, which describes the impact of secondhand smoke exposure in these venues. Share this article…emailFacebookTwitter

g2e booth invitation

G2E Booth Invitation

Come visit us at G2E! Share this article…emailFacebookTwitter

Survey: Mesquite, NV voters want smoke-free casinos

A recent survey that found a clear majority of Mesquite city’s voters strongly support its efforts to ban indoor smoking in all workplaces, including the casinos. Click on the title…

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Smokefree Casinos Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is a resource is available for communities and teams working to promote smokefree air policies for casino workers. It is our hope that this resource will be…

Dangers of E-cigarettes

The Dangers of E-Cigarettes

Electronic smoking devices should not be used in smokefree workplaces and public places. Not only do the secondhand emissions pose a health hazard to other people but these devices can…

U.S. 100% Smokefree Gambling Map

U.S. 100% Smokefree Gambling

Map of States Status of Smokefree Gaming:  See our map showing the U.S. states with smokefree, state-regulated gambling facilities. Share this article…emailFacebookTwitter

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Smoking in casinos is going bye-bye

A piece by Roger Snow in the Global Gaming Business Magazine, titled “Family Feud – The biggest changes to table games in the last 20 years,” stated: No Smoking [15]…

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Living life with cancer (from secondhand smoke)

A short time ago, I participated in a community roundtable discussion sponsored by the Mesquite Citizens for Clean Indoor Air. The purpose of the event was to bring together people…

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Smokefree Casinos: Design for Success

Smokefree casinos and other gaming venues are now the norm in many U.S. regional gaming markets, competing successfully and providing safe, healthy jobs and entertainment without the toxic secondhand smoke….