Millennials and Casinos

animation of man saying there are yoiuths everywhereThe hot topic across the casino industry is the huge investment and change underway for attracting the next generation of customers – the ever elusive Millennial crowd (people born after 1980).  Baby boomers make up the current bulk of casino profits, especially for slot machine revenue.  But if there’s one thing casino companies can agree upon, it’s that Millennials don’t play slots. So casinos are completely redesigning the casino experience. This matters because Millennials have grown up in smokefree environments and don’t like secondhand smoke. This is another reason why we have reached critical tipping point for making smokefree indoor air casinos the norm in the U.S.

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Some things to consider:

  • 82.3% of the U.S. adult population today are nonsmokers.
  • Millennials have grown up in – and expect – smokefree environments in workplaces, schools, homes, and social entertainment settings.
  • Millennials expect companies to be socially responsible. There is nothing responsible about exposing workers and patrons to deadly air in the workplace or serving as Big Tobacco’s ally in efforts to undermine local public health measures.
  • Smokefree indoor air is already the established norm and brand experience for today’s young adults inside gambling venues across many states.  Operators want their investments in these smokefree indoor air properties to succeed.
  • People who do smoke don’t necessarily want to breathe other people’s smoke inside a casino.

Like with restaurants, bars, and hotels, smokefree casinos used to be rare, but smokefree indoor air properties are the new normal. Today there are approximately 800 smokefree indoor air casinos and other gambling venues – large and small – across U.S. gaming markets (20+ states, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, many cities, and a growing number of sovereign Tribes require that gambling facilities be smokefree indoors – for the health of workers and the public).

How is the gaming industry talking about Millennials?

an ad emphasizing the importance of smokefree environments to millennials

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