Sample Ads and Media Tools

Sample Ads and Media Tools


Effective advertising is the way to promote the benefits of smokefree casinos and the dangers of secondhand smoke. Below are sample TV, radio and print ads that can be viewed by clicking the images below.



Everyone deserves to breathe clean indoor air

This print ad quotes a casino worker speaking up about how secondhand smoke hurts her lungs and stating that all employees deserve to work in a clean, safe environment. View larger ad.





Nathan’s Story

Nathan, who is in his early 50s, was surrounded by secondhand smoke every day at work. This caused permanent lung damage and triggered severe asthma attacks. Nathan himself never smoked. In this TV commercial from CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers campaign, Nathan tells viewers that because of his health problems, he can no longer work at the same job or participate in some of his favorite activities. Watch now.



Mesquite – Live, Work, Play Ad

This print advertisement from Mesquite, Nevada, features quote from a non-smoking couple who enjoy gambling, but find that secondhand smoke prevents them from staying in casinos as long as they would prefer. View full size ad.





Bold is Beautiful Ad

This print advertisement outlines the benefits of smokefree casinos for business, employees, and patrons. View full size ad.





Step Out Of The Old And Into the Bold Ad

This print advertisement outlines the health, economic, and corporate social responsibility benefits of casinos going smokefree. View full size ad.





My Definition of Winning

“My definition of winning? Live to play another day. That means smokefree gaming.”Professional Gambler Tom McEvoy on the benefits of smokefree gaming. View full size ad.





Laura’s Story

Laura’s Story

Laura shares her experience with smokefree casinos in Ohio. Listen now.






Linda’s Story

Linda’s Story

Linda shares her story of smokefree casinos in Ohio. Listen now.



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