U.S. 100% Smokefree Gambling Map

U.S. 100% Smokefree Gambling

Map of States Status of Smokefree Gaming:  See our map showing the U.S. states with smokefree, state-regulated gambling facilities.

Woman in Mask at Mardi Gras

Congrats New Orleans!

Congrats New Orleans! This year marks the first Mardi Gras with smokefree indoor air. Musicians and the amazing hospitality workforce that make this city so special no longer have to…

Mid-American Gaming Congress Logo

Mid-America Gaming Congress (MAGC)

This week ANR Foundation is headed to the inaugural Mid-America Gaming Congress (MAGC) in Columbus, Ohio. MAGC is a regional casino industry gathering notably being held in a city and…

American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation Attending Global Gaming Expo to Support Gaming Industry on Transition to Smokefree Indoor Air

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEPTEMBER 23, 2013 CONTACT: Cynthia Hallett 510-841-3032 Cynthia.Hallett@no-smoke.org LAS VEGAS, NV – The American Nonsmokers’ Rights (ANR) Foundation (www.smokefreecasinos.org) this month announced the continuation of a campaign…