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Sheryl's story

Sheryl’s Story

Hear Sheryl’s powerful story of working decades in smoke-filled casinos, resulting in her battle with throat cancer. You will note that Sheryl’s voice was weak in this recording (2011). Soon…

Vinny's Story

Vinny’s Story

After decades working at a smoke-filled casino, Vinny Rennich found out he had lung cancer. He had never smoked.

Fight for Clean Air: Shane's story

Shane’s Story

Shane Kaufmann tells his story about what it is like to work in a smoke-filled environment

Fighting for Smokefree Air

Fighting for Smokefree Air: Secondhand Smoke in Casinos

Fighting for Smokefree Air: Secondhand Smoke in Casinos

Casino Management & Policymakers Support Smokefree Casinos and Smokefree Gaming

June 12, 2014 Natalie Fraser, Ponca City Chamber of Commerce Chairwoman Regarding the voluntary smokefree policy of the Kaw Nation’s SouthWind Casino: “It’s really refreshing to walk inside and not…

My Definition of Winning

“My definition of winning? Live to play another day. That means smokefree gaming.”
Professional Gambler Tom McEvoy on the benefits of smokefree gaming.

Laura’s Story

Laura shares her experience with smokefree casinos in Ohio.

Linda’s Story

Linda shares her story of smokefree casinos in Ohio.